Dog Voyage

Dog Voyage is a community outreach initiative facilitated by The ARC Foundation in partnership with animal welfare organizations. ADOPTERS & INFLUENCERS can take a pup out for a few hours on the weekends. Hopefully, by the end of their experience, the rescues will be saying "Bon Voyage" to the dogs as they make their way to their forever home.

Take a Dog out for the day! Dog Voyage is an excellent opportunity for both Dogs & People to enjoy a day out! Walk, play, relax, shop, or simply chill with a dog that's in need of a loving home. Whether it be to spend time with a friendly companion, or to test out a new pet for your home, this is an amazing adventure for the dogs while serving as an opportunity for rescues to gain exposure to the public & be seen by potential adopters.

why dog voyage

Free up shelter & foster space during the day

Allow for staff & volunteers to thoroughly clean kennels & facilities while pets are away

Less staff & volunteers needed while pups are away

Pups' morale is increased through socialization & engagement from people all day

Behaviors & personalities will be reported back to the shelter by the "Voyager"

Pups will be seen & will be walking billboards in person & on social media platforms, creating a likelihood for adoption

Pups on Voyages will be shared on social media by all, increasing the exposure of adoptable pets as well as the shelter or rescue

what's included

Dog Harness that Says "Adopt Me"

GPS Tracking "FI Collar"

Branded Back Pack

Double Looped Leash

Collapsable Water & Food Bowl

Poop Bags

& of Course... a Dog!

Screenshot (6).png
Image by Tamara Bellis
why influencers

Social media has given people an opportunity to build their own brand through their original content & engagement. In some cases, Influencers are more relatable than traditional celebrities. Since more people are joining social media networks every day, companies have begun to realize they can leverage these platforms for marketing.


We are applying this same concept to enhance the adoption experience in the animal welfare industry.

This is for really cool people.

This is for really cool rescues.