Puppies in the Window

Adoptable dogs & puppies deserve to be seen! Oftentimes, great dogs are not getting the exposure they need to get adopted by the right family. Puppies in the Window brings adoptable pets out into the public from local shelters & rescues. Our partnerships with local stores, shopping, malls & upscale community common areas provide an opportunity for awareness & ultimately, the adoption of homeless pets. Instead of hoping for foot traffic at small adoption events or shelters, this program puts the pups front & center in high-end stores with high foot traffic of potential adopters who are looking to add to their family, 

Why Aren’t People Visiting Shelters?

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sad environment

Some people can't even bear to visit a shelter. “I just can't” or  “I will want to adopt them all if I go,"  so they don't even pay a visit because it's overall "too sad." The sounds, smell, & the overall environment can be difficult for some to look past & may be unable to have an enjoyable adoption experience.


The convenience of reaching up to 30,000 people in a short period during the holiday season will get shelters more exposure than the everyday foot traffic allowed in a shelter due to COVID-19 with people already attending an event they have paid for.

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Image by Dasha Urvachova
the stigma

There is an assumption that pets from shelters have a lesser pedigree, quality or have behavioral issues just because they are in a shelter. They're viewed as tainted from previous owners & get a bad rep in the shelter environment.

lack of knowledge

Potential adopters don't visit shelters simply because they are unaware of their location, services, & the quality of pets available which significantly hinders the to promotion of the adoption of homeless pets.

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Our Solution


We have trained staff & volunteers with experience in caring & handling dogs & puppies. Our managers will take the time to interview each potential adopter to qualify them while setting expectations & ensuring they walk away knowing they made the right decision for a lifelong pet with all the necessary information. Our adoption initiatives will NOT be considered a temporary solution as our intentions are to find quality solutions to placing pets into permanent homes. Adopters will receive follows ups at 1 week, 1 month, & 3 months to check on their new pup.

Our goal is to help your organization find loving & forever homes for your animals.

We Understand. We Care.
We will do everything in our ability to find the right fit for the dogs' placement into a happy home.