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Want to make a difference in the life of a homeless pet?

Have some time on the weekend to meet a potential forever best friend?

Take a Dog out for the day! Dog Voyage is a community outreach initiative facilitated by The ARC Foundation in partnership with animal welfare organizations. ADOPTERS and INFLUENCERS alike get the opportunity to take a pup out for a few hours on the weekends. Whether it be to spend time with a loving companion, or to test out a new pet for your home, this is an amazing adventure for the dogs while serving as an opportunity for the rescues to gain exposure to the public and be seen by potential adopters.

Image by Manuel Meza
voyager requirements

All Voyagers will sign a contract agreeing to our Terms & Conditions of the program.

All Voyagers will fill out a Liability Waiver to protect everyone participating in the program.

Dogs must be transported in an enclosed vehicle - (no riding in an open convertible or in the open bed of a truck).

Voyagers must present a valid photo ID and undergo a background check.

The Voyager will put a credit card on file with a $50 deposit for any incidentals. The card will be charged a $500 fee in the event the dog is not returned.

pup requirements

All dogs must keep their harness that says "Adopt Me" on at all times while you are out an about on your adventure. This is to let everyone who sees the dog know they are available for adoption.

All dogs must keep their "FI Collar" on AT ALL TIMES. The collar does not come off for any reason, at anytime, no matter what. This collar contains our GPS system for the dog, so we can keep track of the dog's precise location.

All dogs eligible for the Dog Voyage program will be microchipped, spayed/neutered and up to date with all vaccines/shots. You can receive these documents per request to take the dogs to various dog friendly locations.

All dogs eligible for the Dog Voyage program will also be tested for temperament prior to their voyage, meaning the dog has to be approved by our team to be a good fit with other dogs and children.

Image by Jérémy Stenuit

Ready to make a dog's day? Want to join our initiative in taking adoptable dogs out for an adventure?