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Formed from a combined love for animal welfare & marketing, we provide everything animal rescues need to elevate the adoption experience.

The Elle Belle ARC Foundation is making a difference in the lives of homeless pets. Our goal is to see every dog find a loving forever home by elevating the adoption process. Through our adoption initiatives, solutions, and designs, we bring a number of options to the rescue community to help find more dogs loving forever homes. Every dog deserves a chance at a happy life. Through our partnerships with animal shelters and dog rescues, we work to elevate the adoption experience and in turn, increase the number of pets adopted into loving forever homes.

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our mission

Our mission is to elevate the adoption experience, to help find dogs loving homes, & provide solutions to the rescue community that will enhance their practices to save more lives.

our vision

Through our efforts in helping rescues tell their stories, we can promote awareness & inspire action in the welfare of pets & their permanent placement into forever homes. We envision a change from the stigma of 'second hand pets' & the perceptions of adopted dogs to one that is widely sought after as a solution to completing a family with the perfect pet.

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